The A.C.Q. Guarantee

By choosing an A.C.Q. certified camp for your child, you are placing him in the hands of an establishment that responds to the norms required by the Association. 

Find a camp


Come find the answers to all your questions on the camps' rythm of life and ambiance. 

Why go to camp

What the camp community has been claiming for over a hundred years has finally been scientifically demonstrated! The camp experience is a positive influence on the development of youth and actually helps them thrive.

What type of camper are you ?

Read each group’s description and choose the one that seems most appropriate for you :
I’m a child that likes to move around. At camp, I want to have fun, make new friends, and participate in many different activities. I like characters, themes, and songs
I’m a curious child. At camp, I want to learn new things, discover and explore. I like to understand my surroundings : the forest, animals, science…
I am a child that loves to give it all I got in any given activity. At camp, I want to perfect and practice my technique in the activity I love every day


Outdoor and sports equipment purchasing program

The ACQ should be able to announce early next week who will be his partner in the adventure of the new outdoor equipment purchase program. Available equipment will be offered at cost + 5% (shipping costs towards the different branch outlets).

This means that the 70 resident camps already registered with PAFACV will soon be receiving (week of February 9) details of the rules applying to this program and the amount of the grant to which they are entitled for equipment purchases. The equipment will be made available in May and June across the province.