Annual General Meeting 2012

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The board of directors invites members to participate in great numbers in this democratic event which showcases rich content about our associative life!

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Nominating committee : candidates to the board of directors of A.C.Q

Non-approved minutes (in french)

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Deciding to attend a camp, choosing the camp, choosing a program…  It can all seem a little overwhelming for kids and their parents. Where does one begin? Who do you speak with?

In this section, the ACQ provides the resources to answer many of your questions. The information presented will inform you, making you better equipped to select the camp that best suits your needs.


Each year, with the return of sunny weather, the same question comes to mind: how does one choose the best resident camp? Choosing a camp is a very personal endeavour that depends on a number of factors, such as family and personal values. There are many organizations offering a multitude of programs, each with their own particular objective and mission. We appreciate that this is not always a simple task, but many tools are available to make the process easier for you. Click here to learn more. 


What kind of personality does your child have? Is he or she a diplomat or more of a competitor? What kind of a parent are you? Click here and discover a number of amusing quizzes to help you decide on the best camp and program for you and your child.


Vous trouverez dans cette section une foule d’articles intéressants à propos des camps, leurs bénéfices, et même des listes de trucs et conseils pour bien vous préparer. Cliquez ici pour voir la liste !


Cliquez ici pour voir la liste de nos documents disponibles en ligne.


Des données intéressantes provenant d’études variées sur les effets des camps sur le développement social des jeunes. Veuillez noter que certains de ces articles ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais. 
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Cliquez ici pour voir de nombreux liens d’intérêt concernant l’ACQ. Veuillez noter que certains sites ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais.