Read each group’s description and choose the one that seems most appropriate for you :

I’m a child that likes to move around. At camp, I want to have fun, make new friends, and participate in many different activities. I like characters, themes, and songs
I’m a curious child. At camp, I want to learn new things, discover and explore. I like to understand my surroundings : the forest, animals, science…
I am a child that loves to give it all I got in any given activity. At camp, I want to perfect and practice my technique in the activity I love every day
I want to sleep under a tent
I want to sleep in a dormitory or a room
I want to go on an expedition, do some canoe, some kayak, learn to survive in the forest
I want to do sporty activities, go for a swim, shoot a bow and arrow
I like history, archeology, and the médieval times
I like natural sciences: insects, trees, plants, flowers, animals on the ground and in the sea, life in farms
I like science and technology : scientific experiments, computer science
I want to learn a new language : French, English, Spanish
I like the arts : singing, dancing, theatre, video, photography, arts and crafts, circus
I like horse-riding, I want to learn to ride a horse
I like sporty activities : mountain-biking, cheerleading, tennis