Working at a camp is more than just summer employment! The different jobs offered will allow you to develop qualities and aptitudes that will add value to your resume, but above all to your life experience.


To become a counsellor at a certified camp, you must be at least 17 years old and have followed training offered at the camp (60 hours for resident camps and 50 hours for day camps). Holding a Counsellor-in-training (CIT) certificate is an added bonus.   

Camps offer the possibility of experiencing a wide range of emotions and memorable situations while developing your sense of human relations. Being a counsellor allows you to learn to manage stress and last-minute problems while remaining resourceful, available and responsible.

Likewise, on the job market, employers seek skills among potential candidates that the work of a counsellor will allow you to develop.

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Resource management
  • Communications
  • Needs analysis

In addition to being very rewarding and offering the possibility of showcasing your skills and knowledge, the job of counsellor also allows you to develop a certain amount of financial independence.


Do you hold specific recognition allowing you to practice or supervise an activity? Jobs for certified lifeguards, rock climbers and canoeing specialists are also available at camp.  In addition to using your knowledge and skills, you will gain experience on the job while enjoying your passion in sync with camp life. 

Are you even more experienced? Many challenges and responsibilities await those interested in coordination positions sure to meet their expectations. And why not make it your profession?