No! There are camps for all budgets.

Costs can vary greatly from camp to camp or length of stay. Consider your options: longer or shorter stay, resident camp or day camp, specialized or traditional camp. Each of these considerations can have an impact on the price of time spent at camp.

Many camps offer various financial accessibility programs to low income families. These programs are financed by organizations such as the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport, CLSCs and local charities.

Learn more! They are identified on our website and in magazine by the following icon: IcnAccessibiliteFinanciere_40x40.png


Tax credits

The federal and provincial governments offer tax credits to parents who enrol their children at camp.

  • At the provincial level, simply add the Relevé 24 (provided by the camp) to your provincial income tax return to benefit from the childcare tax credit.
  • At the federal level, you are entitled to a maximum amount of $500 per year per child when registering a child for a physical activity program. To benefit from this advantage, the child must be aged 16 or younger (age 18 for a handicapped child). The camp will issue you a receipt with a detailed description in the “physical activity” section. Simply include it with your income tax return.

The CAMP experience is within reach of everyone!