The Association des camps certifiés du Québec (A.C.Q.) is a non-profit organization that represents businesses in Quebec offering resident camp, day camp, nature class and group- and family-oriented programs.

The ACQ is the reference for all contexts involving supervision and activities directed at children in a CAMP context. The ACQ contributes to the development and education of Quebec youth.

The outreach of the ACQ has expanded to include major issues of concern to society such as the sedentary lifestyle increasingly espoused by young Quebecers and the need to embrace a healthy lifestyle.  


The ACQ, established in 1961, was the initiative of resident camp directors. Its mission is to “recognize and promote quality and the educational value of the CAMP experience in Quebec.” The ACQ groups together organizations offering resident camp, day camp, nature class and group- and family-oriented programs to support and promote them and ensure the quality of services offered.   

More precisely, the ACQ contributes to ensuring that children and participants at establishments draw the greatest possible benefits for their development and achievement of individual potential.

Through its actions and services, the Association ensures that member camps obtain concrete advantages associated with their membership in the ACQ, thereby contributing to their long-term viability and the sustainability of this unique educational experience.


  • Represent and defend the shared interests of member camps

  • Develop and maintain high standards of quality within member organizations through our five certified programs

  • Support and promote member camps

  • Offer opportunities for exchange and joint action

  • Develop and offer training