Because of the quality-of-service certification offered by its member-organizations, the A.C.Q. allows you to make a well-informed decision in selecting the right certified camp for your child.

Choosing a camp is no simple matter and the A.C.Q. provides information and tools to help you make the right choice: a camp directory, a list of types of camps offered, news articles and quizzes.

A.C.Q. certification

To become a member of the A.C.Q., camps must go through a certification process. Certified camps are then visited by consultants who ensure compliance with standards developed by the A.C.Q.

At the heart of certified camps are the well-being and overall development of youth. These camps continually improve to better serve children and meet parents’ growing expectations of excellence. Certified camps provide healthy meals, high-quality facilities and a safe environment geared specifically towards the positive development of children. Well-trained counsellors ensure encouragement, guidance and a welcoming environment!