The ACQ standards: something for camps to be proud of!

The ACQ certification program includes more than 60 standards governing requirements and best practices in terms of safety, supervision, programming, the environment, health and food. Following is an overview:


  • Safe activities and equipment
  • Qualified staff prepared to intervene at all times
  • Requisite permits and valid certificates of competence (kitchen, lifeguard, transportation, etc.)


  • From 50 to 60 hours of training offered to staff before camp opens (40 for nature classes)
  • Rigorous counsellor/camper ratio adapted to each age group or to special needs clientele
  • Systematic verification of the legal background of staff in the employ of the camp
  • Established procedures for roll call and camp travel during excursions or expeditions

Environment, health and food

  • Quality control over drinking water and swimming areas
  • Site and building verification and maintenance procedures
  • Medication and first aid management protocols
  • Healthy balanced meals approved by a dietician


  • Varied and balanced general or specialized programming based on a planned schedule üActivities adapted to participants’ age and abilities
  • Founded on the principles of progress, challenge and success
  • Fun-filled!

Certified camp standards cover many sectors of camp likely to have an impact on the CAMP experience. They ensure that campers evolve in a healthy environment conducive to their wellbeing!