Camp : Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre

Fonction : Assist with dishes and food preparation

Poste : Cuisine

Nb de postes : 2

Ville : Gracefield

Région : Outaouais

Type d'emplois : Saisonnier

Durée :

Langue au travail : Anglais

Début : 2019-06-30

Se termine : 2019-07-22

Début de la formation : 2019-06-30

Fin de la formation : 2019-07-05

Rémuneration :

Numéro de référence : 2145

Date de création : 2019-05-03

modification :

Fin de cette offre : 2019-06-15


Roles, Responsibilities and Tasks:

  1. Assists with food preparation, cooking and serving.
  2. Assists with dining hall set-up and cleanup including condiments and beverage service
  3. Performs cleaning duties as assigned by the head cook, including assisting with dishwashing and storage of clean dishes after each meal.
  4. Maintains a clean, sanitary and orderly kitchen. 
  5. Maintains a neat and orderly appearance while serving guests as well as a clean and sanitary bodily condition while preparing food.  Serving should be done in clean and neat clothing or “whites” while preparation may be done in more casual clothing providing it is sanitary eg. regular washing of hands and clean aprons and that concerns such as long hair are addressed.  Hats or hairnets are essential in both service and preparation.
  6. Attend pre-camp staff training sessions.
  7. Attend staff Bible studies when time permits


Gifts, Skills, Experiences, Qualities and Position Requirements:

  1. Ability to work independent and as part of a team
  2. Ideal candidate will be a committed Christian, with a dedication to Christ and his/her church. His/Her life should exemplify the Christian "good news" of the gospel
  3. Gives attention to detail, sets high standards of service, cleanliness and tidiness.
  4. Punctual and dependable
  5. Pleasant and open personality, ability to relate to guests and campers.
  6. Ability to take verbal detailed instruction and follow through
  7. Valid food handler’s course certificate

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